Wednesday, June 25, 2008

we have some interesting neighbors:-)

last night Doug and I had a nlate dinner by ourselves outside after the kids went to bed - a bit of a date:-), hey make them how you can right:-)-. Anyow we kept hearing this loud noise int he trees inour neighbors yard - theres a huge mulberry tree by the water there, finally we go the flashlight and we have a whole family of raccoons living int he trees there, we saw the nest and mommy and a few babies eating berrries:-) They where quite a surprise to see but funny. We have decided not to tell the kids cause Grace will try to find them and Madeline will try to feed it and lore it over for a pet- not a friendly pet either-they just look cute but they aren;t cuddly:-) Last year Doug encountered one on our trash cans that was huge and hadn op roblem chasing him back into the yard.I am sure he was this families papa:-)
Anyhows it was nice to see our new neighbors on the upside they do eat mice, and hey they won;t be peeping in our windows or anything:-)

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