Tuesday, June 24, 2008

summer relaxaton

AHHH! the pleasure of no outside activities for a while, it is nice to kick back and hang out in the yard and enjoy the season. We have been hanging in the pool grilling , and catching lightning bugs at night. All the fun summer time stuff. I like to recharge for a few weeks and get energized again.

I am currently getting ready for a new year and have been going through my KONOS volumes to get ready to start again in a few weeks. We are doing Wisdom, which includes, Elelction Process, Founding Fathers, Government and Presidents. I figure with the coming elelctions it is a timely unit to do.

And one that will be more concrete to the kids since it is the hot topic in the news right now. And with the Fourth of July next week, it is also a good time to remembert hose founding fathers who gave so much so we could be here today.

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