Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a hot and stormy day

today is the first reallyhot day so far this season- more to come I am sure- and they are calling for severe storms this afternoon, the last two we had knocked our power out for a day, what fun,hahah. The kids enjoyed it we are on a dead end street so when a tree goes down the kids can skateboard, and bike all over without worrying about cars. They have even talked a neighborhood dad into putting upa skateboard ramp in apart of his property for the neighborhoodl to use.

Anyhow the pool is just about ready for us to use, we can use it today for sure-whew I am sweating- good thing for popsicles and wading pools. We have also put a huge float in the river for them to jump on and hop in outof the river from. They have even rowed it across the river, with our dog the ever faithful Bandit pulling them along.

And tonight we have Grace's softball it is a bi-week for Madeline so everyone can go watch Grace she is very excited about this, I hope the storms hold out till shes done, and of course until after we stop for snowballs- a softball game tradition:-)-.Adam calls them 'blue skies';-}for the sky blue flavor he likes. Madeline wants to get a snowball machine and sell them here in our driveway this summer the machine is about $50, so I am thinking on it, it would be a good junior business for her to get into. And the start up cost is small, ice and flavor not to bad. Guess I will research if we need a license and how much that is first. I don;t want to go to jail over some crushed ice:-)f course Madeline will have to pay all of that back from her profits- to see how much her bottom line really is-. I think its a neat wway to learn basic accounting , budgeting etc..of cours eshe has already bribed Grace and Adam to work for her with the promise of free snowballs:-) Well when your 4 I guess thats a good deal.


Larry said...


Larry said...

OK Toni. I got this blogging thing straight now. A bit confusing for a non blogger.104 degrees here in Texas Wed with winds 30-40 MPH.More of same today, but now winds are gusting to 50MPH Severe storms expected tonight. All your family activities sound terrific. You are one busy person. I bet the kids are having a great time. This blogging is a great idea. I enjoy reading about the adventures. When I was a young lad, we used a hand shaver and a block of ice to make our show balls.