Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my artist

Madeline has been creating really cool pictures in our paintshop on the computer, I htink she may have a real eye for the asthetcis of art and color. She likes to create, give her a ball of clay, a sketch book, whatever and you won;t see her for hours. She has drawn tons of cartoonie like pictures-angels are her favorites- and I think she does a great job, I would like to make a book of all fo them for her some day.

She is getting interested in photography and we are going to start going to a photography club on Wednesdays Aat Marshy Point the nature center near us, it should be a fun class/group and its a chance for her and I to do something fun together.

I am striving to do something with each of them one on one at least once a month, Doug does too, he likes to take them to Coffmans for milkshakes after softball, last night was Madeline's turn.Adam likes to have 'guy' movie time with him, they lay inour bed and watch Speedracer or mmonster truck rallies together and Adam loves it.Grace is happy with someone to hold the bug container while she hunts and Shawn right now is too busy checking everything out.

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