Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cromwell Valley Park- me and the boys hiking days

For the past few months the girls have participated in a homeschool garden club at Cromwell Valley a local park , which has a lot of nice trails to hike as well.So each week as they gardened the boys and I had our own club a hiking/exploring club:-)

A view on one of the trails we walked and some flora we enjoyed. Adam with a walking stick he found, he actually found us all one.

the boys found a walking stick for me and they enjoyed the hike too.

we hiked all around the park every week for six weeks, and it was a fun time. Exploring , and seeing the changes as the trees and flowers awoken and spread their leaves. This was a wonderful time for the boys and I while the girls planted their gardens.


Beverly said...

looks so beautiful. I bet it was a wonderful time!

Dominick said...

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