Thursday, December 10, 2009

putting up the tree

we got our tree up and decorated this past weekend. Shawn was so excited he is at the age where all of this is so delightful to him, and he ohhs and ahhs at everything. Madeline was the commando and had to have everything just so- its the 14 in her-. They had fun, most of our ornaments are made by them so it is a family tree.

the finished tree and Daisy looking festive, it is her first Christmas:-)

in front of the finished piece, they are still making and adding thinks as the holiday goes along.

our cat has since climbed the tree so it has been redecorated a few times.


Madeline said...

It looks great!

dongdong said...

I'm glad you are back. Hope you are all well. Looks like the kids will enjoy the tree.

Together We Save said...

Love your tree!!

BECKY said...

Looks great Toni!! We had fun decorating ours too, and it is a family tree with ornaments from my childhood and ones they've made. Such precious memories!! Theme trees are so elegant and lovely, but nothing is better than a family tree!!

Have a happy Friday!!

Beverly said...

such a great tree. looks like a blast with all the kids helping