Friday, December 11, 2009

First Snow

We had our first sort of snow last week, the girls where away, but the boys where here to enjoy it. Poor Adam wanted to use that sled so bad but here it never accumulated to much.

the dogs played in it too.This was Daisy's first snow and she was afraid to leave the porch at first, but she did and had some fun. Bandit he just loved trying to catch it in his mouth.

we caught snowflakes on paper and looked at them, and came in for hot from the oven chocolate chip cookies,yum-yum:-)

our snow did not amount to much more slush then anything but for boys, snow, slush and some mud is the perfect combo of fun.


Beverly said...

cookies looks good. at least it was fun to play in. Noah would love seeing the snow come down.

Madeline said...

We had our first (and possibly only) snow not too long ago. It was such fun for Levi.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your children look so cute trying to play in the snow! Love your tree as well. The cookies, well, they just make me want to bake right now!! Enjoy!

Sharon said...

Those cookies sure do look good.
If you need more snow for the kids let me know and I'll send you about 10 inches.
thanks for sharing.