Friday, July 9, 2010

homegrown summer

With summer upon us and the time for fun in the sun here. We have been doing things simply. With finances just straining and side jobs waning, we are are having a homegrown summer.
Which means time here at our pool, or bouncing in the trampoline, spend lazy days drifting on the river on our big raft. Walking the dog, making homemade fudge, playing freeze tag, and playing games. It means making what we have as wonderful as it is. Realizing the hype to go go go is just that hype, and being home and doing things together is wonderful.
And the kids do not miss all the running around, and are enjoying the time to hang out with friends, at our pool, I am keeping snacks on hand and the cooler full of sodas, and of course Popsicle's in the fridge. We do have a nice garden plot and enjoy weeding and watering it , And finding frogs, and lizards hanging around it.
This low key summer is proving to be very recharging to my soul as well. I have felt overwhelmed this year with school and events and am enjoying the break summer gives. It gives us permission to do nothing, except sip sweet tea, and read a good book.


dongdong said...

sounds fabulous!! I'm glad you are enjoying your summer.

Madeline said...

Sounds wonderful and relaxing! Glad you're enjoying it.

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

Sounds absolutely perfect Toni ;)
This is how we spend our summers too! And I wouldn't have it anyother way, even if we did have the money!

Sharon said...

That sounds wonderful and I think family time is the best.
I hate the go go go all the time.
enjoy the rest of this summer.

Deb said...

Homegrown summers are the best! I signed my kids up for VBS this week, but told them we'll re-evaluate it after the first day. I'm not going to force them if we would have more fun as a family at home.

Kannan said...

Good post.

Kannan said...

Good post.

Cindy DG said...

Hope you've had an awesome summer! Welcome fall :)
Veg Mamma