Saturday, February 6, 2010

blizzard 2010

we are in the middle of the snow event of the year for us, actually the decade, we don;t get much snow at all, and snow falls like today's only once a decade, we are at 20inches already, have had snow lightning and thunder- that was very cool-. and all kinds of fun bird visitors. I am thinking of doing snow ice cream, tons of clean snow today.

Shawn peeking out the door, he and all of them are very excited, the snow drifts are way over his head already. The dogs romping,they love love love this . and the birds are waiting in line for a chance at the many feeders in the yard, we filled them to overflowing last night.

we are only halfway through this storm suppose to snow all day today and be very windy so lots more drifting,, and power outages, I am in deep prayer ours stays on.but all in all it is so beautiful I am always in awe of Gods hand at work.


dongdong said...

Me too! God is awesome! We actually want some snow, but strangely, hardly have any snow. Def.hope your power stays on. Stay warm.

Madeline said...

Oh. my. That is beautiful, but you can certainly keep it. If that much snow fell here, no one would know what to do. There would be a mass rush on grocery stores and gas stations, and in general people would panic and treat everything like a disaster area. Obviously, we aren't used to a whole lot of snow around here. If just a few flakes fall, schools and businesses close. Hope your lights stay on!

Beverly said...

wow, that is beautiful. the dogs seem to love it. too cute. keep warm and safe!

Dee said...

My Goodness, That is a lot of *snow*. I noticed the view from your window in the previous post and it is amazing how in just a few hours things can change. Stay safe!