Wednesday, November 24, 2010

praise and thanksgiving

as we prepare for a day of feasting an gathering with our families, I pause to remember all the blessings of the past year.

1. that God has allowed us to still be in our house, its still a struggle but he has provided for us

2. finding a new and wonderful church and renewing my joy in worship again.

3. for the four cords of wood given to us, which will heat us this winter. A reminder God was preparing and caring this for us before we even knew we needed it.

4. Wednesday night dinners at church which have taken a strain off of us, as we struggle along.

5. My moms weekly food delivery again to help us in this time of struggle.

6. friends who pray for and with us.

7. my health and well being.

8. four healthy strong happy children.Who remind me why I continue on each day.

9. my husbands company who found a way to keep him working while they where in between jobs. so we did not lose the paycheck or health insurance we need.

11. my girls getting to go to Boston this year with my parents.

12. Being able to visit Mt.Vernon on home school day.

13. laughter, and joy in the small things.

14. reconnecting with old friends

15. Peace and comfort knowing my God has it under control and not sure where this storm is taking us or when its going to end but he is in control and will continue to care for us.

16. for those Pilgrims so many years ago who followed a call to go and find a land to believe and worship Christ . They never questioned or lost faith even in the worst of struggles, they stood on faith . What a great example they are.

Not sure where this year is taking us, but, we will go forward with Gods guidance and faith. adn continue to count those blessings.


Madeline said...

God is good. :) Happy Thanksgiving! I'm praying for you.

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